Wow, I can't imagine much more exposure than that second rib they had to
cross.  The couloir itself looks insanely steep but sufficiently wide
to be a blast to ski.  I'm thinking the upper sections from the summit
just wouldn't be worth the risk of the traverse, but hey, I'm becoming
more of a Janet every day ;-)

Still, makes my GG pictures look pretty pathetic... I've got 'em on CD
now so I'll upload 'em soon.  Of course, they turned out less spectacular
than being there was, of course, but overall they looked pretty good.

In other plaid news, TEO proved his moniker once more by cheapshotting
the 11 year-old daughter of a venerable plaidster simply because her dad
is a Red Socks fan.  The ball hit her square in the eye.  TEO claims she
was looking his way when he threw his story is unconfirmed.  Luckily, she
recovered quickly and pelted him back with toss after toss of fastballs and
line drives off my 5 year-old's tee ball bat.

William Wright also proved his athletic prowess, even at 2.4 years old, with
hit after hit of expert tosses from Dr. Vickie.  Fears of corrupting him
with a sport other than skiing were put to rest by his dad, though, who
quickly spirited the lad away when he saw the llabesab equipment in his

Wes stole the show, though, with the world premiere of the annual Jim
Clappathon ski video.  Here's Jimmy skiing trees, here he is skinning Tear
Drop, here is is wearing a poodle skirt, ad naseum.  Please, someone else
join FSC next year and be a camera hog.  Wes' foray into the DVD medium
proved triumphant.  I highly recommend a copy for die hard skivittlers.

Weather cooperated, and though plenty was consumed, pleny of reeb was
left over, too.  Works out well for the chef that way!  Everyone drooled on
nasoJ's Mini, and folks thought his car was pretty cool, too.  No one has
complained of salmonella... yet, and free B&J's topped off a phine

Set your calendars for next year, same plaid time, same plaid channel.

-Jim B.

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