Thanks for the reminder, I knew I was forgetting something.  It appears that just because someone may be fortunate enough to live in a very skiing opportunistic part of the country doesn't necessarily mean things may always go perfectly to take advantage of it.  You done good Marc, all things considered.

I didn't do too badly going from 11/23 to 4/12.  I racked up 38 days and could have done 40 just to say I did but got lazy.  Heck, if I didn't wind up in the hospital I probably would have been inspired to go for 50.  In any event, as follows:

Whiteface Mt.       21
Gore Mt.                 9
Jay Peak                2
Titus Mt.                 2
MRG                       1
Stowe                     1
Sutton                     1
Orford                     _1

Not a lot of variety I know but I enjoyed every minute.

One low point was Jan 28 at MRG.  30 below zero when I woke up with a broken furnace.  I waited until the repair man had it back up and running and made a decision to go for it.  We got there and ate lunch by 12:30 and it never got much above zero.  I had given two units of blood in eight days in anticipation of my hospital stay and could generate no body heat whatsoever no matter what I ate or drank or how hard I skied.  Skiing MRG on empty is not a great way to try to appreciate the place.  Anyway, I consider it a victory just getting there since I have been trying to hit that day for four or five years now and always got rained out or some other thing ruining my attempt.

Another downer was purely from a psychological point.  Feb. 3rd I was up on Whiteface in some of the best glade conditions they get up there.  I was all alone on a Monday and it was spooky quiet anywhere on the mountain.  I stopped on one run for what seemed like eternity (probably 5 minutes) and contemplated just how wonderful it was at that moment.  I really thought there wasn't going to be any more for me this season and wondered just how what I was about to go through would impact on skiing any more ever for me.  The last run down  was very surreal.  I felt like I was in a canoe heading down some rapids in a river I had never been on and lost my paddle.

This brings on the highlights.  Fourteen more unexpected outings after that starting with three days with Mr. aaaaaaannnnnddd (the skiing elusive) Mrs. Guido.

Nine fantastic trips to Gore with great conditions and glades every time.

Probably the best highlight was Jan 19th at Jay Peak with buddies Greg, John and Dave.  John had never been to Jay and Dave was last there in 1962.  Little by little they sampled the glades one at a time and got to liking it.  We even did a foursome down Deliverance.  Most skivtler's would have had a cow waiting for Dave and John to make it out of there.  I thought they were going around and we were going to meet at the bottom of the glade.  They came out looking pretty trashed with comments like lets not do that again real soon.  Heading down the road at the end of the day Dave cracked a grin and commented, that was pretty neat, referring to the day in general and even Deliverance.  While eating dinner in Plattsburgh on the way home Dave offers that now he feels he really has a problem.  We ask in what respect and he offers, Now I don't want to back to Whiteface.   Even the hard cases succumb to the lure of the glades eventually.  :-)

Incidental low point of the season-----Not getting to Jay Peak more often.

Swampfest was awesome, even on the short plan.  Any meet ups with vittlers was always a plus.  For the first year in a long time I didn't get to Hickory Hill.  Every time I have been there I have met up with or skied with Miguel.  I sure hope that streak keeps up next season.


Marc Chrusch <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
With the closing of Snowbird yesterday, we've finally pulled the plug on
lift served for the season.

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