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    I wonder if this is the regional cooling effect predicted
    by the folks at Woods Hole.  The theory is that polar
    ice cap melting will (is currently) lower the salinity
    of the ocean. This will allow the warm Gulf Stream to
    sink deeper in the Atlantic, which will result in colder
    water surface temps off of New England.  This in turn
    results in colder wetter weather regionally. <

Hm.  Don't know.  Extrapolating from a month to long term may not be
valid. The claim is that this is due to a persistent low parked off the
coast.  The southeast has been getting deluged and I believe that the
western half of the nation has been hot and dry.  I just went outside and
saw my shadow.  At least I think that's what it was, not sure I remember.
6 more weeks of spring perhaps?  I have no doubt that the heat and
humidity for which we are famous will soon crank itself up and by Aug. we
will all be wishing for a return to what we have right now.

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