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That looks like the famous "Hole in the Wall" at Mammoth.  I believe it is
an in bounds run but if not it is easily accessible to lift riders.  It
opens in the springtime and not every year.  Mitch had a picture and story
about it on Telemark Tips last year.

Some other random thoughts.

Matt Duphphy is in a fine position, both in terms of ski resume and
writing talent, to write a "Chuting Gallery" type book on Summit County.

The eastern Sierras are considered by many to be the finest area in the
world for backcountry chute skiers.  Many factors play into this, terrain,
snow, weather, etc.  I have read many times that southern CA is the home
of  75% of the backcountry skiers in the US and that the above is the
reason.  The last time I made this statement on the List it was derided.
I repeat it here just for provoking thought, I have no stake in whether it
is true or not.  Probably depends a lot on how one defines backcountry
skier.  In any case the eastern Sierras are pretty damn good.  Chouinard
Equipment, ancestor of Black Diamond started in SoCal, likewise Couloir,
which was Le Chronicle de Couloir published out of somebody's basement.
The website is another testament to the glory of John Muir's
"Range of Light".  I believe I could be very happy living in Mammoth
Lakes, or Bishop.

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