Hi folks -

What with the K about to slap padlocks on the Superstar
drive, and what with many listers already in stage two
withdrawal already (one lister sent out a backchannel plug
for a without-a-prayer presidential candidate already) I
thought I'd kill two birds with one stone - get yer minds
back on skiing, and help out a journalist buddy.

Patrick Thorne, aka "Snowhunter," is a Scottish journalist
who does all kinds of neat stuff. Listers who lurk the SAM
site and click into the international news section are
reading his stuff.

Anyhow, Patrick sent the following to me the other day.
It's pretty self-explanatory.  If anyone can help him, please
contact him directly - he okayed the crosspost to the list
(cc me on it, so I know that he's got something on his
scavenger hunt list).  His email address is
[log in to unmask] - I'd appreciate your help,
and I know Patrick would, too.

BTW - just got back from Montana, where I was starting
the work for a new client.  I'll share a few details later this
summer.  That's a spectacular state, Montana - way cooler
than Colorado or Utah, imho.  Dunno how the skiing is
(yet) but man o man, the countryside is amazing.  If there
was an ocean nearby it'd have everything



------- Forwarded message follows -------
Hello Skip,

I have sold an article entitled 'It Seemed Like A Good Idea
At the
Time' ...about 'ski innovations of the past which have
fallen by the wayside, to mags in Canada, UK, Hungary
and Italy.
However all want pics which I have had no luck finding and
I wondered
if you might have some ideas where I might obtain any.
The subject
matter is:

1. Paper ski jackets etc.

2. Nava Binding System
(The one that held your moon boots to your skis with a grip
on to your

3. Spademan Bindings

4. Hexcel Skis

5. Two Part Skis
(A small US outfit called Evolution invented a ski that came
in half
in the middle - intentionally in 1987).

6. Parablocks

7.  Rear Entry Boots

8.  Dynastar Airflow System Skis (Little red blobs on tips of

9.  Jetstix
(With the arrival of the 'jet turn', especially in mogul skiing,
greater support was needed at the rear of the boots.
Jetstix were not
unlike a footballers shin guard with a strap, fixed to the
rear cuff
of the boot.)

10.  SSAWS Snowdome in Tokyo.

11. Japanase Snova snow-like chemical product for indoor
snow making.

12.  Pre-1940s ski sticks with lethal sharpened ends.

13.  Skiing Robots -
(Some Japanese universities made and raced them in the
1970s and their
are mechanical toy skiing robots from Japan dating back
to the 1950s)

14.  Centre Splitting Chairlift - as used in Western USA,
1950s ish.

15.  Ski Sailor

 (This was a Mistral attachment that you fixed to your skis
to give a
 mast foot for a normal windsurfer mast and sail)

I think that's it!

Thanks in advance for any ideas...

Patrick 'Snow Hunter' Thorne
Managing Director
Snow24 plc

tel: +44 (0)1463 741809
fax: +44 (0)1463 741802
eMail: [log in to unmask]
postal: Snow Centre, 21 Camault Muir, Kiltarlity, Beauly,
IV4 7JH, Scotland, UK

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intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to
whom they
are addressed. If you have received this email in error
please notify
the postmaster on [log in to unmask]


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