> Of course there's a low-tech solution that Kmart doesn't use.  How
> about a few tents/canopies covering the top of the headwall and the
> bottom near the lift?  Snow would last longer if you could keep the
> sun off.  The canopies could be removed on cold nights to let things
> freeze real hard.  Ought to work...

'Til the wind comes up, anyway.

As regards ways to make Superstar last longer: K could do
it, certainly, with existing technology.  They don't because
there's no economic point in doing so.

It'll be interesting to see if Tenney's idea has any legs.
Sounds like an extremely costly process to me.  Can't see
people spending much to go tubing in the summer given
all the other stuff they could do (including water parks,
which I suspect go after roughly the same clientele)

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