Tag, displaying less spleen than usual, queried:

> >They don't because
> there's no economic point in doing so.<
> Is there an economic point in staying open as late as they do or
> opening as early for that matter? I mean beyond the dubiuous first to
> open, last to close marketing value.

I don't think the marketing value is in the least bit dubious.
It's a critical and long-standing element of the Killington
brand identity.  The position has proven year over year to
attract midwinter destination visits (doubt they're still
tracking this, but they used to study this sort of thing and
found that it did have a favorable impact).  First to open
guarantees them wire service photos (although I was
amused to note they got beaten by Woodbury Ski and
Racket this year).  And I can also tell you that some of
Sunday River's best growth periods occurred when SR
challenged the K for the first-open-last-closed derby.

The marketing value is real-deal.

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