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> Anyhow, Patrick sent the following to me the other day. It's pretty
> self-explanatory.  If anyone can help him, please contact him directly
> - he okayed the crosspost to the list (cc me on it, so I know that
> he's got something on his scavenger hunt list).  His email address is
> [log in to unmask] - I'd appreciate your help, and I know
> Patrick would, too.

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> I have sold an article entitled 'It Seemed Like A Good Idea At the
> Time' ...about 'ski innovations of the past which have subsequently
> fallen by the wayside, to mags in Canada, UK, Hungary and Italy.
> However all want pics which I have had no luck finding and I wondered
> if you might have some ideas where I might obtain any.

Well, while not quite on a level with the link supplied by
"Frankontour" ( ), this
query has prompted me to finally update the SkiVt-L Vault at

and especially the "SkiVt-L Equipment Dustbin" at

with material scanned from some old ski magazines I keep around the
house. Especially of note:

> 3. Spademan Bindings

Yup, photo from 1976 advertisement. I note that my all time (second to
Wayne Wong, of course) favorite Frreestyle skier, Jack Taylor, skied
Scott boots, Spademan bindings, and "The Ski."

Also, don't forget the fabulous Burt binding

and all those plates (funny how telemarkers have "rediscovered" this
bit of abandoned alpine technology):

I ran across the mounting instructions for my Dad's old Besser (or were
they Americana?) plates the other day, will scan those sometime, too.

> 4. Hexcel Skis

No pictures that would do them justice, especially of the fabulous
"slit tail." However, I did find something of a line drawing showing
internal construction of the Spectralite which I didn't scan, but could
if necessary. I'm also 90% certain that I saw a pair of Splittails in
Stowe, at what used to be the Jim Shepard ski shop on the mountain
road. I'll bring a camera next time I'm in that neighborhood, see what
I can find. Personally, I owned a pair of Hexcel Sundance. Light weight
rubberbands, short (185, I think) and soft as the wisdom of the times
suggested -- what goes around comes around? Finally trashed them
(snapped the tail off one) at Bolton in 1985 or so.

> 7.  Rear Entry Boots

Lots of pictures, especially of my fave, the Hanson. I skied the Hanson
Exhibition for years
hanson_73b.jpg&dir=./vault/Equipment_Dustbin , until I replaced them
with the Hanson Spyder

Hard to see in this stolen-from-videotape picture (must bring home
digital camera and snap a better one) is where Steve Mahre autographed
my boot!

> 9.  Jetstix

Couldn't find JetStick, but always wanted them. However, much along the
same lines: the High Boot craze. This ad from 1981 says it all:

> 13.  Skiing Robots -

That would be me, in my Demetre sweaters

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