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>> Titus Mt.                 2
> Where is Titus Mtn?  Just outside of Albany on the Northway there is a
> sign
> for all the Adirondack ski areas (Gore, West Mtn, Titus, Whiteface,
> Hickory, ect) and it gives the exit for each mountain.  I've always
> wondered where Titus is and what type of mountain it is, but have never
> really checked up on it.

Titus is just outside of Malone, practically on Lake Titus, a popular
recreational "camp" location (my best buddy from k-12, Jimmy, Brother
of Bumpher Grrrl Alyce, is married to Mary Clair, whose family own a
lovely camp (or Cottage, for you Canadians) on the lake). As you drive
past it, you drive past lifts that don't seem to make sense, but they
do on the map. Jimmy's brother-in-law, Big Frankie, works maitenance
there. Frankie also has done his own dental work, extracting teeth with
a pair of vide grips. Used to be able to lift cars with one hand before
he hurt his back. Can still fish and drink reeb pretty well, though.

It is a small mountain. Very small. From their web page ( ):

Nestled in the foothills of the Adirondacks,     7 miles south of
Malone, New York, Titus Mountain provides skiing     fun for the whole
family at affordable prices. With 26 Trails,     from the beginner to
the expert, Titus Mountain has the terrain     for all types of skiing.
Hungry after your run...come visit one     of our lodges. Ski Titus
Mountain, and enjoy the majestic beauty     of an Adirondack Winter!

26 Trails
7 Chair Lifts
Night Skiing
Snow Tubing
2 Lodges
Ski Rentals

Titus Mountain, has an overall elevation     of 1350ft., a vertical
drop of 1200ft., and a longest run of     3.5 miles. Ski Titus
Mountain...the fun place to be!

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