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> Hope you all are surviving the non-ski season.

Well, when you live in the desert you develop certain survival skills...

Denial, insanity, gniknird, usw.

I finally actually checked out Mt. Lemmon Ski Area.  Not much snow left.  In
fact I didn't see any, but the peak and upper slopes were not visible from
the base area.  Looks like some interesting terrain, if it is rather lacking in

Once my fiancee moves out here it would be nice to purchase a cabin up
in the Santa Catalinas and live up there in the pine forests.  Not only
would I have a quiet place to write my dissertation, but I could nab every
powder day in southern Arizona.

Donations towards my down payment may be sent to the address below.

El Scorpion

c/o Benjamin Kulas
Graduate Research Assistant
Archive for Reformation History

Division for Late Medieval & Reformation Studies
Department of History
University of Arizona
Douglass 315
Tucson, AZ 85721

caveat lector

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