Gotta love a ski company that is on the way up. Instead of resting on their
rep, like Tua used to do to me, they want to keep skiers on their skis. Karhu
is on the way up, at least in the tele world.

Karhu just sent me a new pair of Jax phatties, complete with plastic wrap and
pristine bases to replace my delaminating old Jax. Old boards were hammered
on hard most of last season, and never saw a tune or a hot wax, just a good
core shot towards the end. I just rode those puppies hard over anything I wasn't
afraid to ski (and some things I was afraid to ski!)

Included in my warranty patrol at the Skirack in B-town were two new toe
boxes for the G-3 bindings I blew up. I think I'll stick em on my old Volkl
Snowrangers, and save my pennies for something else to put on the Jax...

Oh yeah- I get a free mount job too. SkiRack must think they mounted the old
bindings, but it was me and a few reebs that did the original job in my
"equipment room" here at home, as I didn't want to wait to ski em. Maybe the free
mount is a mistake, or maybe just good customer service?

All in all, it was fun to walk around with fresh skis in a ski shop in the
middle of bike season!

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