Hey everyone. I have been using a really cool distro called "Knoppix".
It is a 700MB CD, that is bootable, and doesn't even require a hard drive!

If you are new to linux, or if you have been using it since forever, YOU
MUST TRY THIS DISC! It is really cool.

I've got an image of the disc here in Votey 328A, and I'll gladly make a
copy for anyone that stops by.


On Thu, 5 Jun 2003, Ange Barbateiu wrote:

> Hi, is anyone reading CSSA mail in the summer?  I think I may have an idea.   I just
> watched Revolution OS, a movie about Linux and GNU.  I became very jealous of the
> Linux User's Group in Silicon Valley.   They have Linux Installation Parties on a regular
> basis.
> Do you think there's enough interest for that to happen here at UVM?   At least one party
> next semester?    It would also be cool to have a Linux configuration party, because that
> takes even longer than installing.    Any interest?
>     -Ange
> PS:  Of course, I'll be happy to offer the movie for a movie night too.