Hi techies,

We all get email SPAM. It is annoying, and we waste time dealing with it each day.

CIT has been evaluating email features we could deploy to help people cope with this ever increasing problem. This Thursday, June 26th, we will be turning on new spam tagging software called PureMessage. This software will evaluate all email messages and generate a "spam ranking" for each. If you choose to do so, you can utilize this ranking to filter your email. You could choose for example to route incoming email with a high spam ranking into a spam folder.

You do not need to do anything! This new tagging service will not automatically delete any messages, nor segregate them in any way.

We recommend you monitor the spam tagging for a period, and then consider using this information to automatically route some of your email into a separate folder. Instructions can be found here: Also a new web page will be available after Thursday which will allow you to select automatic routing based on spam ranking with the click of a button.

The software works by inserting the spam ranking into the existing subject line. Email is ranked from 0-100 with 0 being the least likely to be spam and 100 the most likely. The subject line in email messages which are ranked 50 or higher will be modified.

For example, the subject: "Debt Relief is ON THE WAY!"
might be modified to appear:
                        "[SPAM?:#####] Debt Relief is ON THE WAY!".

Each # symbol represents 10 points.
[SPAM?:#]     = 50-59
[SPAM?:##]    = 60-69
[SPAM?:#####] = 90-100

We recognize this software is not perfect. Some "real" messages will be tagged as spam, some spam will not. The system has been in test here at UVM for a few months and most users find that very few "real" messages get tagged 70 or higher.

Messages originating at UVM will not be tagged. The chance of missing an important message is higher, and we have other ways to deal with spam that originates here.

If you have questions about this new email feature, contact mailto:[log in to unmask] .

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