Then why can NAI's Stinger "clean" the very same files that Norton cannot?

I know that they are clean because a) they run normally after
cleaning and b) NAV no longer detects them as infected.

The section of the report that you reference below actually says:

>Local and network file infection
>The worm will also infect the files on the local and network shares,
>which match the following filenames. The worm appends itself and is

Note the "appends" which means that it gloms itself onto the file,
not that the legit file is replaced.  Please change the client
behavior and save us all a ton of unnecessary work.  Thanks.

>  >From our understanding of the virus, the Bugbear infects and
>sometimes replaces legitimate applications such as Acrobat Reader,
>Media Payer, etc with itself.  If the virus replaces the original
>file, then original file is deleted and replaced with pure virus.
>In such a case, the application can not be cleaned it must be deleted.


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