Beta tested virus definitions dated June 5, 2003 have been loaded on the
server that pushes out virus definitions to client machines.

There is currently still no removal tool to run from off the network, but
you can follow these instructions to quarantine any infected files:

1.  Install Norton AntiVirus on your PC:
2.  Launch the AntiVirus console (Start-> Programs ->Norton AntiVirus
Corporate Edition-> Norton AntiVirus)
3.  Select Scan-> Scan Computer-> Check C: and any other local drives
4.  Click "options", set "Delete infected files" as the second action
item for both Macro and non-Macro viruses.
5.  Start the scan.
6.  Click View->Quarantine in the Norton Antivirus console.
7.  Select all quarantined files (if any), then click the red "x" to
delete them.

On Thu, 5 Jun 2003, Stefanie Ploof wrote:

> UVM is currently being exposed to the Bugbear.B worm which is sending out
> old emails from people's mailers to recipients in their address books and
> we do not yet have protection for it (virus definitions forthcoming).  As
> soon as virus definitions are available we will push them out to client
> stations and secure the email gateway.  For now Technical Support Group is
> blocking certain attachment types characteristic of the worm.
> More details at:
> http:[log in to unmask]
> These lists will be notified when we have updated information.