Okay, but is there any way to NOT have it flag emails that it DOESN'T
think are spam? (I'm getting [NOTSPAM?:#] in the subject of this
thread, for instance)...


On Thursday, June 26, 2003, at 11:18 AM, Keith Kennedy wrote:

> Hi Dr, Chu,
> There is currently no "personal" option for bypassing the PureMessage
> spam tagging system.
> And as a reminder, the system is really a SPAM tagging system.
> Routing of email is not affected. People can choose to utilize the
> SPAM tag in the subject line to implement filtering, for example
> routing all
> email rated over nn to a spam folder.
> We would love to hear ways people think the system can be improved
> going forward.
> Do you know why people want to suppress the tagging?
> At 11:00 AM 6/26/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>> Several people have approached me and asked how to disable spam
>> filtering on their mail.  I went to the webmail address but haven't
>> seen a way to disable puremessage shoving the word 'Spam' in the
>> subject heading of messages.
>> Is it possible for individual users to disable puremessage?  Will this
>> solution be implemented in the future?
>> Thanks.
>> -k
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