Keith (et al),

    One reason people my want to disable the tagging is if it begins to label a lot of real messages as spam.  This is what happened with me on my home email.  There were a lot of real notes that I want to file and use for documentation, etc. that now have the spam label in their subject lines.  Hopefully this tagging system is a little better than that one.


Keith Kennedy wrote:
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Hi Dr, Chu,

There is currently no "personal" option for bypassing the PureMessage spam tagging system.
And as a reminder, the system is really a SPAM tagging system.
Routing of email is not affected. People can choose to utilize the
SPAM tag in the subject line to implement filtering, for example routing all
email rated over nn to a spam folder.

We would love to hear ways people think the system can be improved going forward.
Do you know why people want to suppress the tagging?

At 11:00 AM 6/26/2003 -0400, you wrote:
Several people have approached me and asked how to disable spam
filtering on their mail.  I went to the webmail address but haven't
seen a way to disable puremessage shoving the word 'Spam' in the
subject heading of messages.

Is it possible for individual users to disable puremessage?  Will this
solution be implemented in the future?



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