I did a Google Search for MessageBouncer, which returned two hits; one
was for a Spyware product that lets someone surreptitiously monitor
activity on a computer, the other got me eventualy to McAfee online sales.

I am not aware of any wide-spread problems with Symantec Antivirus. Are
you able to kill the NTVSCAN process?


CIT Client Services

Lida Douglas wrote:

>I installed the new version of Norton this weekend on all the staff
>computers.  All are running Win2k.  Today most of them are running very
>slowly and I can see in Task Manager that ntvscan.exe is using almost
>all the CPU all the time.  There is also a message when you shut sown
>that says MessageBouncer is trying to end.  This reminds me of the last
>upgrade that slowed things to a crawl.  Any suggestions....or do I need
>to uninstall it.
>Lida Douglas