Initial thoughts:

- BBEdit integration is nice, although the activity window doesn't seem
to indicate that the file successfully uploaded back to the server
after saving it.
- Keyboard control is excellent, as typing the first few letters of a
file/directory will get you there, and pressing return/enter actually
opens a directory! (hard to find that anymore!)
- No right-click ability, though, which I often find is a necessity in
a GUI FTP client.

-$20/license, with no obvious volume discounts COULD BE trouble
(depends on whom you tell the price to ;-)

Still waiting for SFetch...

Thanks though, Corey! Keep 'em coming!


On Wednesday, June 11, 2003, at 10:00 AM, Corey Gilmore wrote:

> I just stumbled across another SFTP client for Macs, but since I don't
> have room on my desk for my mac (or another monitor) I'm throwing it to
> the masses for some comments...
> One major downside is that it claims to require OSX 10.2...


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