Lynn Cummings wrote:

> Shouldn't we (CIT, Depot, CTL, UT&D, etc.)  offer
> just as much support  for this new hardware as we
> do any other hardware?

My own guess is that is what will be happening; the
issue really is never one of "support" (yes|no) but
the "support timeline" ... i.e. how we ramp up for
new products and how we (ecologically) dispose of
old ones.

Corey Gilmore wrote:

> As for teaching people how to make the most of your
> tablet PC, you'd need to ensure that everyone has
> the same brand to do this the Right Way.  I've got
? demo units here from Microsoft (an Acer), Toshiba
> and Compaq and each one has a different set of buttons
> on the 'frame'.

Perhaps the absense of the "smiley face" might confuse
some folks; the goal of a university experience is to
get beyond the button pushing model of learning.

But definitely the key to making the best use of any
computing device is to help users learn to use it in
a functional rather than rote manner.