Why are the smartest people too dumb to figure out the flaw in Darwin's theory?

Too Smart To Be So Dumb
The moral tyranny of IQ.
by Joel Engel

For once I seem to agree with Weekly Standard (up to a point).
Here's the situation, Once upon a time it came to pass that one Charles Darwin produced a theory of evolution which led the Captains of Industry to put two and two together and wilfuly skuldugerize a bad theory into a new class of 'smart by the numbers' types.
One problem is that this group, all set to renew meritocratic class struggle, was found to be 'unintelligent' about theories of evolution, leading to a result that was 'le plus ca change'. Nice turnover, a new gang of idiots.
Moral: there is more to evolution than promoting IQ.

Only a theory that can explain the evolution of consciousness and its transformations as self-consciousness can lead to something like 'evolution'. This factor or consideration is totally absent in the Darwin myth.  Terribly sorry, mes amis.

John Landon
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World History and the Eonic Effect