Hi there,

Any informations, sources or ideas? I'm trying to complete a timeline of
sources of funding for U.S. biomedical research (in dollars, hopefully).
I'm missing current info, 1999-2000; 2002. So far, I've found:

1) 2001 only: found on the Research!America site (2001 Investment in U.S.

2) Up to 1998 on the NSF (National Science Foundation) site. Science and
Engineering Indicators 2002 (National Science Board)
Chapter 4
U.S. and International Research and Development: Funds and Alliances
Appendix table 4-29--R&D associated primarily with the life sciences:

My requesting faculty member does NOT want only federal support for life
sciences R&D, which can be found relatively easily.  He wants the timeline
AND federal vs industry vs other support for biomedical/life
sciences/health research (R&D). I suspect that Research!America only did
their report as a special project; NSF's information is government-derived,
so delayed.

I've looked for clues and leads in many databases, medical, academic,
MEDLINE, Web of Science, etc. Consultations with our own university's
government publication folks didn't pan out, and e-mails to
Research!America and NSF have so far not yielded any replies.

Ramune Kubilius
Galter Health Sciences Library
Northwestern University