One other way to check for peer-review is to do a CINAHL database
search.  If the title is peer-reviewed, it is assigned to the
Peer-Review subset.  Because the CINAHL producers are concerned about
what is meant when a journal claims peer-review, they established
additional subsets designating the type of peer-review in 2001:
        BP Blind Peer Reviewed
        EB Editorial Board Reviewed
        XP Expert Peer Reviewed

These are assigned to journal titles based on publisher response to a
CINAHL survey. If not assigned, the publisher did not respond...

This feature was news to many attending the CINAHL breakfast at MLA, so
thought I'd share for those of you not there.

Tip sheets for CINAHL and MEDLINE indexing practices are available
online at, as part of a
presentation I did in March.  Understanding the differences in indexing
practices helps when searching any database.  The EBSCO Academic
collections also indicate peer review status, and I'm sure there are

Hope this helps - Peg

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Subject: THE RESPONSES: Journal of wound care: is it "peer reviewed"?

Some folks wanted to know what I learned - here's the msg I sent to the
original inquirer (It actually discusses 2 journals).

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Hello -

>From the web site of "Advances in skin and wound care"

"Advances in Skin & Wound Care, a peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary
journal, publishes original investigations, scholarly reviews of the
literature, reports on innovative treatments, case series, and practical
articles for skin and wound care professionals."

"All submitted papers are subject to a blind peer review. The initial
review process takes 2 to 3 months. Reviewers' comments will be shared
with the authors."

I can't locate a journal called "Wound care journal," but there is a
journal called "Journal of wound care."

>From the web site of "Journal of wound care"

"Articles sent to the Journal of Wound Care are submitted for external
review to assess their technical accuracy and relevance." This is not as
unambiguous as the statement made by the other journal, however,
according to a colleague at another library, the paper journal has a

"All manuscripts, whether commissioned or unsolicited, are subject to
peer review."

I was also told that:

"According to that statement, the journal fits the criteria discussed
in this JAMA article by former NLM librarian, Lois Ann Colaianni,
where she quotes the Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted
to Biomedical Journals and Supplemental Statements From the
International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. Philadelphia,
Pa: American College of Physicians; 1993, that a PEER-REVIEWED
journal is  "one that has submitted most of its published articles
for review by experts who are not part of the editorial staff."

Hope this helps!

Michael Sholinbeck
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