I'm thrilled that you're planning for an integrated library - it's the
way to go.

Put priority on evidence-based practice journals:

EBN (Evidence Based Nursing - online free with print?)
Online Journal of Clinical Innovations
Online Journal of Knowledge Synthesis for Nursing

You'll find that nursing's commitment to interdisciplinary care will
increase use of your all administrative, medical and psychosocial

Also, check into audiovisual resources for skills enhancement - base
choices on recommendations of nurse educators.

See links from my website, below.  NAHRS website has presentation slides
from the Evidence-Based Nursing Practice symposium held at MLA this past
May - includes mine on Electronic Resources, and presentation on most
cited journals (NAHRS Task Force to Map the Literature of Nursing).

Good luck - Peg
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Subject: starting a library resource center for nurses!

Currently, I am a solo in a community hospital providing reference
mostly to physicians. The director of nursing is interested in starting
up an Information Center to actively support nurses and we plan to
combine our resources to support one ,all-encompassing center. We will
meet the beginning of july to start planning. What are your favorite
resources???(for nurses) I have Cinahl on Ovid. Brandon-Hills Nursing
and Allied Health list.
Any suggestions for outlines,etc ???
                   I will make any infrmation available to all !!

                                 Thank you, Angela Governale
                                                  Director Medical
                                                  Huntington Hospital
Medical Library