On Wed, 18 Jun 2003, Denis Bogan wrote:
> 31" tires?  That's Bubbatruck size.  Bubbatrucks are expensive.  You've
> gone from ski bum to regular job in the flatlands, fancy electronic
> devices and now a bubbatruck in a year's time.  My Gawd man, what's next,
> a mortgage?  Such worldly trappings have turned many a Rad Dude skier into
> a fat happy 40 year old.

Dude have some faith, I'm milking the state of Massachusetts for what
little it's worth. First of all 31" is the stock size on most new Tacomas,
which I don't have cause I couldn't afford one without payments, so I got
a beater Ford with bald tires for what cash I had at the time instead. The
new tires, bought at a discount through family connections, are the most
valuable part of the vehicle, as they should be with any skimobile. Second
of all, a Bubbatruck (preferrably with bullet holes and an NRA sticker) is
perfect for spending weeks on end in the "down by the river" accomodations
I prefer.  This aint no H2 with 17" alloys. And as long as my
registration/"place of residence" is maintained as is, I figure I'm
suitably sketchified to avoid such things as a mortgage and ring payments.
If Topozone vaporized tomorrow, in 2 hours I could be on the road with
everything I own, no debt (at least none that involves credit cards or
ugly dudes with baseball bats), and enough cash/credit for several years
of jobless climb/ski bumming in relative comfort. And if the gravy train
of unemployment were come tooting down the street?
Drool....unemployment....  a guy can dream can't he?


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