Miguel, I used to have the very same mindset against helmets. Then I
entered a competition where they were required and found it was a good
thing to have. Even if only to be able to smack your head on all kinds if
little(ie - _not_ thick) while skiing in dense woods. It sure beats
stopping and stepping back up to pick up your hat after a little branch
snagged it.

And hey, you never know when you might get blindsided by another skier, or
if a loose rock might come tumbling down from somewhere, or whatever other
unexpected things might happen. Plus, when you get one that fits, it sort
of becoumes a part of you like ski socks that haven't been washed all


On Sat, 21 Jun 2003 08:04:22 -0700, Miguel Naughton
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>If the ski patroller from MRG has taken years to buy a helmet,
>doesn't that indicate that these things don't do much good? If people
>were routinely smacking their coconut on the trees at MRG, wouldn't
>Mr. Renson have noticed and changed his personal behavior?
>I have only found one situation where an Eastern skier risks whacking
>his head.  This is skiing under branches and fallen trees.  This is
>potentially dangerous, because skiers let their head get within
>inches of a hard object.  The best remedy is to slow down
>dramatically or, even better, avoid the situation by skiing around
>the branch.  Even with a helmet, it makes no sense to go zipping
>underneath thick branches.  Might mess up the helmet, or your head,
>since apparently helmets have a limited protection range.
>But other than that, I have never come close to hitting my head.  I
>have hit my shins a couple of times on smaller bush/trees and that
>hurt quite a bit.  I think maybe shinguards make more sense than
>hellmutts.  $80-$100 for a helmet is kind of steep too.
>Opinions and personal experiences?
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