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>From Ski Racing's website:
>U.S. snowboarder gets lifetime suspension after positive drug test
>April 02, 2003
>U.S. snowboarder Chad Otterstrom has received a lifetime suspension from
>competition after testing positive for a banned substance during the U.S.
>Snowboard Grand Prix in Breckenridge, Colo., on Jan. 11.


Excerpts from Trans-world snowboarding's website:

Because of the second positive test, Otterstrom was notified that he had
been banned for life from all U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) and
Federation International du Ski (FIS)events. But as of last Wednesday,
Otterstrom's suspension had been reduced to two years. The circumstances of
Otterstrom's particular case are interesting not only because they involve
medically supervised use of a stimulant drug, but because the ruling affects
all ADD-afflicted athletes who choose to take Ritalin.

"To me, the ban doesn't mean that much as far as my snowboard career goes-it
still sucks though. The bad side of the media came out on this story, and it
seemed like they were excited to try to call a snowboarder a crackhead," he
[Otterstrom] says. "It's not fun to admit to the whole snowboard industry
that I have ADD. It's nobody's business but my own."

End excerpts...


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