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Does anyone on this list have knowledge of Church interiors?  Below is a query from someone in Iowa about a church interior that she thinks may be related to a Vermont church.  The picture is included as an attachment.  Will this list accept attachments?  If not, I can forward the image to anyone who is interested if they respond to me directly; don't respond to this list.

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Subject: FW: Iowa church

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Subject: Iowa church

In Mitchellville, Iowa we have a Universalist Church built in 1868.  There is no longer a congregation that uses the church; instead it belongs to the city and the Thomas Mitchell Historical Society uses it as a place for programs and as a museum. 
Attached is a picture of the interior front of the building taken in 2002.  We have no background on the remarkable painting that adorns the front and would like to know more about it.  It appears to be 3-dimensional but is flat.  We believe the picture was painted in the early years of the church if not in place at the very beginning. 
Thomas Mitchell grew up in Claremont, New Hampshire before heading west in 1839.  He arrived in our area in 1844 and established our town in 1867.  Many people that settled here with him were from New Hampshire and Vermont.  We have wondered if there are churches in your area with similar pictures.  Knowing the settlers were often homesick, we thought perhaps they made this church to remind them of churches back home.
Can you give us any information on the painting? If not, could you put me in touch with someone who might help?  Thank you for your time.
Maggie Hayden
Thomas Mitchell Historical Society
408 3rd St. NW
Mitchellville, Iowa  50169
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