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The UVM Center for Rural Studies cordially invites you to attend an upcoming presentation as part of the Speaker Series on Rural Transportation (sponsored by The Rural Transportation Learning Center).

Models for Vermont: Rural Knowledge Clusters A Seminar by Lee Munnich
Director, State and Local Policy Program Hubert H. Humphrey Institute
University of Minnesota

Tuesday, July 22, 2003 -- 1 P.M.
Dean's Conference Room, 206 Morrill Hall
The University of Vermont

SEMINAR DESCRIPTION: Rural communities face tremendous challenges in adapting to a knowledge-based global economy -- limited human capital, small economies of scale, and chronic population out-migration lead to growing difficulties for rural communities competing with more urban and sophisticated economies.

Many examples of prosperous rural economies exist across the U.S. -- and are directly applicable for Vermont's entrepreneurial-oriented rural and small communities. A model of "rural knowledge clusters" demonstrates how rural economic development is fostered through innovative, interrelated government, business and institutional partnerships.

Lee Munnich is recognized as an expert in transportation policy, regional
economic development, and quality strategies for government fiscal policy. He has more than twenty years of experience with state and local governments and has led many economic improvement initiatives in Minnesota.

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