Conference Abstract Deadline
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I would like to bring to your attention the following international conference.

The Isotopic Analysis of Minerals

15-16 September 2003

Hosted by the Department of Geology, Royal Holloway, University of London

The deadline for submission of Abstracts is fast approaching (Monday 14th July). Abstracts should be e-mailed to either [log in to unmask], or: [log in to unmask] in word or pdf format. A list of the guest speakers and the titles of their talks are given below

Adrian Boyce and        Olivier Rouxel
        Combining S and Fe isotope data on pyrites to bring insight into
        fractionation processes - the case of the giant Navan Zn+Pb ore deposit.

Kevin Burton           

Richard Hinton    
        Potential of the new Edinburgh instrument

Simone Kasemann       
        Analytical methods of boron isotope determination and its application in earth sciences

Simon Kelley    
        Measuring the spatial distribution of noble gases forgeochemistry and Ar-Ar dating, using                               IR and UV laser extraction techniques

Dave Mattey    
        Carbonates revisited: high resolution stable isotope profiling using He flow Techniques

Randy Parrish    (T.B.C.)

Matthew Thirlwall      
        U-Th-Pb dating of Quarternary volcanic sphenes
Derek Vance
        Isotopic fractionations of Fe, Cu and Zn associated with Archaean
        microbially-mediated sulphides

Torsten Vennemann      
        Oxygen isotope analyses of biogenic phosphates: analytical techniques and applications  in geosciences

International Meeting on :

The Isotopic Analysis of Minerals

15-16 September 2003

Hosted by the Department of Geology, Royal Holloway, University of London

Recent advances in mass spectrometry have resulted in a wide range of isotope systems being developed for mineral analysis, often with a variety of techniques able to perform the same isotopic measurements.

Analytical techniques
New instrumentation and future developments
Multiple isotope correlations in understanding
mineral formation, alteration and provenance

Guest Speakers
Prof. Torsten Vennemann (Univ. Lausanne)
Dr. Adrian Boyce (SURRC)
Dr. Richard Hinton (Univ. Edinburgh)
Dr. Simon Kelley (Open University)
Prof. Randy Parrish (NIGL)-t.b.c
Prof. Kevin Burton (Open University)

RHUL Speakers
Dr. Dave Mattey - the use of lasers in stable isotope analysis
Prof. Matthew Thirlwall - mineral analysis using isoprobe
Dr. Derek Vance - transition metal isotopes

Abstract deadline - July 14th 2003
Registration deadline - August 15th 2003

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