Dear all:
Oak Ridge National Laboratory is hosting a workshop entitled "A Major Role for Mass Spectrometry in Homeland Security: Past, Present and Future" on September 16-18, 2003 at the Mariott Hotel in Knoxville, Tennessee.   The web site for this workshop is:  Registration for the meeting, submission of abstracts for invited and contributed presentations, as well as reservation of space for exhibits, can be done on-line through this web site.

Invited speakers include:
Prof. R. Graham Cooks
Department of Chemistry, Purdue University
"Miniature Mass Spectrometers and Homeland Security"

 Prof. James Ehleringer
Department of Biological, University of Utah
"Forensics and Terrorism: Useful Stable Isotope Approaches"

 Brig. General Steven V. Reeves
Program Executive Officer,
Chemical and Biological Defense Programs
W. Scott Aaron

Nuclear Science and Technology Division,
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
"Historical Aspects of the Calutrons and Their Role in Our National Security (Winning WWII)"
Major General John Doesburg
Commander of Research Development
and Engineering Command
David W. Swindle, Jr. P.E.
Vice President, Business Acquisition
and National Security Programs
Kellogg Brown & Root Services, Inc.
"Technology Needs and Requirements in Homeland Security Perspectives on Nuclear Technology Applications"

A session devoted to elemental and isotopic analyses is being planned, and we extend this email as an invitation for contributed presentations/posters.  In replying, please include a title, authors, and oral or poster presentation preference.

Please feel free to distribute this to others in your organization who may be interested.

Best regards,
Douglas C. Duckworth* and Juske Horita
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