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>Whistler is only hosting the alpine ski events.  Nordic and jumping are
>20 km further south at a new facility.  All freestyle and snowboard events
>will happen at Grouse Mountain in Vancouver.

That makes sense.  I was going to ask if the mountains immediately
surrounding Vancouver would hold any events.  From what I've heard and read
in a few ski magazines, mountains like Grouse are only like 10 min from
downtown.  One of the local mountains has a city bus stop at the base and
buses run by it four times an hour.  The local mountains only have 1,500
verts IIRC, but can also get hit with up to 400 inches of snow.

Is there a vertical foot guidline for Downhill racing events? Like does it
have to be at least 2,000 verts to be considered an Olympic downhill?  I
always assumed there was, but I don't know for sure.


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