Scott inquired:

>Is there a vertical foot guidline for Downhill racing events? Like does it
>have to be at least 2,000 verts to be considered an Olympic downhill?  I
>always assumed there was, but I don't know for sure.

The FIS has many (many) guidelines . . . for just about everything:

Men's DH for WC & Olympics is min 800m (2624.7 feet), max 1100m (3608.9).
Sarajevo was a bit short of the min, so they built a restaurant (presumably
long since destroyed, sigh) at the summit, and had the start ramp on the
roof.  Nagano won their bid based on a satisfactory course, but then
lowered the start because of (vaguely stated) environmental concerns.  The
Austrians were very upset, as the lower start eliminated the only difficult
section.  So the compromise pushed the start up a bit, just enough to
include that steep left hand turn where...

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