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    Jerm> A more likely route would be the FIS trail at Glen Ellen, which would
    Jerm> make the minimum if recut to its intended end at around 1400'. I think the
    Jerm> top of the ski area is around 4050 so that would just barely cut it.

Personally, I think we'll all be skiing in Hell before we ever see
this. It does bring up something else, though, that I've been curious
about over the years.

Namely, is the elevation of Mt. Ellen 4083 or 4135?

I may be off base, but as I understand, the old "official" survey said
4135, but a newer survey lowered that to 4083 (exactly the same as
Camel's Hump). Sugarbush still clings to the old number (gee, I wonder
why?). Is this just reluctance by the marketing department to lose
elevation, or do they have a legitimate claim to the higher figure?

Yeah, I know, who cares? But at least it gets me looking at ski maps
during the long summer.

Dave G.

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