Wow, what a nice little thread started, Todd...

-NH doesn't even get on there until #9

-16-19 are S. VT places...

-*Bromley* is #18... wow... I need to check this place out

-*Seven Springs* is #5... this place is so flat it should really
be considered a cross country resort that just happens to be
covered in tower-mounted snow guns and a couple lifts...  Is
the Foggy Goggle bar really all that good to merit the whole
resort a #5?  Bah!

-Sugarbush is ahead of Killington... when was the last time that
was the case?

-MRG is pretty high up the pecking order at #13 (is that superstitous
number on purpose... set by some redraobwnos...)

-WF is cool, but it's just not better than $towe

-Where the heck is Bolton Valley!?!?!? ;-)

-Where the heck is Whitegrass Touring Center?

-Jim B.
(totally avoiding the obvioius Tremblant/TG/MG flame bait...)

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