>Jim B. said lots of stuff about video games. <


Maybe I am showing my age here but what do video games have to do with
skiing or snowboarding?  It seems to me that this is the sort of confusion
between fantasy and reality that is likely to lead young people astray.
Forget about whether someone in wild and understandable enthusiasm claims
that a slope he _actually skied_ is a couple of degrees steeper than
someone else believes it to be.  That is just geek stuff.  We need to be
concerned about young people knowing the difference between talking the
talk and walking the walk.  And consequences.  I have nothing against
video games per se.  After all I was once a Ms. Pac Man addict (a much
better game than Pac Man).  When I dropped my quarter in the slot crowds
of teenagers gathered around to laugh.  But, what are the consequences of
a mistake in a video game?  How do they compare with the consequences of a
bad decision in the half pipe or in a steep chute?

Does anybody follow here?  Am I just an old fart?

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