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At 04:20 PM 6/22/2003 the baked Scorpion wrote:
>Here in the desert you have to be careful about the heat.  So, with
>temperatures in the 100s, I set out at noon-twenty.  I had about 3.5 litres of
>water and a .95 litre bottle of Gator-Aid.  And sunblock.  It was 7.2 miles to
>Romero Pass, and a 3500' climb in elevation.
>I finally stumbled into the trailhead lot at ten of nine.  8.5 hr.s for 14.5
>miles.  A pathetic 1.7 miles per hour.  I was exhausted, my feet were in
>serious pain.  The socks were soaked in the blood from my shredded heals.  My
>toenails are black and I have huge blisters on them (never happened to me
>before, not sure of the cause).  I felt slightly nauseous, and indeed dry-
>heaved later that night (felt clammy and everything), which I think was the
>result of dehydration - despite drinking constantly - and/or mild case of heat

In that heat, with that kind of exertion, with our typical summer 6% or
less R.H., it's extremely easy to loose 2 - 3 liters _per hour_ in
perspiration and evaporation (via mouth and nasal linings). Unfortunately
unlike skiing, you can't just remove another layer of clothing to cool off
if you get hot.

There's a reason you don't see people walking around the streets of Tucson
and Phoenix in summer! I mean, after all, we're talking about a state that
has more than one *indoor*, air-conditioned, water park. :-)

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