On Wednesday, July 2, 2003, at 09:02 AM, Rich K wrote:

> Need a little help.
> I was trying to show off the List videos to a friend the other night
> and I couldn't get them to play.?  On this page,
> the video's on the
> right side "Home movies, Fun for the whole family." play fine.  I get
> a separate QuickTime window to pop up and play.  The video listed on
> the left side try to pop up in a QT window within the frame and they
> time out.
> This winter I watched them without a problem.  I'm using, Win 98,
> iExplorer, optonline cable and QuickTime 6.0.2
> Any help?

Typically this happens when either a firewall or a NAT LAN (Network
Address Translation Local Area Network; i.e., multiple computers in a
small home or office sharing a single cable/dsl line via a router) is
blocking UDP packets.

Go to Control Panel. Choose QuickTime COntrol. Go to "Connection" tab.
Double check that you have changed the default connection speed from
56K to whatever your getting from cable company, then click "Transport
Setup" button. Try automatic first, but if that don't work, switch to
http protocol over port 80. That almost always solves the problem.

Quicktime 6.3 is supposed to finally negotiate all of this on its own.

Or buy a DVD for $6.

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