Tremblant su*** in my opinion. I live at 1h15 from there and I would never ski this mountain, except if I have free tickets and even with that, it's simply to lose one day to ski there.
It was a nice ski area up to the early 90s, but since Intrawest, there is just no good ski to do there. (except few trails that almost never offer nice conditions anyway)
I would really like to know on what they base their rating to put Seven Springs in #5 in the east ????
For some real ski areas in QC, try Sutton or Orford, in the Townships or the less big but really interesting ones of Lanaudiere (especially Val St-Come and La Reserve with some really hair-rising steep and extreme terrain and ski from october to june at la Reserve) (skiable longer than Killington this year : oct 26 to june ±10)

Bruno deBiasi <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
About the #1 resort, Tremblant, one reader's comment was "The village 1s
fake, I thought I was at Epcot."

Todd Fisher wrote:

Lèche-vitrine ou lèche-écran ? Yahoo! Magasinage.

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