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For what it's worth, there has been a skivt-l trip
to the eastern townships for the last 3 (or 4?)
years in mid-January. A good time is usually had
by most.

La Reserve sounds interesting. I must get up
there some time.

Honestly, mid-january is not really the best time to ski in the townships. As they have a little bit less snow than New England usually, the best skiing there is early march in my opinion. 
And about la Reserve, yep, fascinating little ski area... just 1000' high actually (backside is higher but still not open), but with many steep pitches, few ones really over 60 degrees (I even took my home made "inclinometer" tuesday to measure them)
By example, this is an official trail : Pitch #1 of la Chute Libre (freefall) (short, but...)
And the remaining snowpatch in june this year in the canyon (this is not superstar, but quite bigger than Tenney's snowmagic slope)

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