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> Yeah, but--as someone new to bike race watching--how incredible was
> it that a guy could take a spill like that, at over 30 mph, on
> pavement, and be back on his bike with a net loss of what, 15
> seconds?

That was a really cool wipeout.  I suppose Jan had already lost the
tour at that point, but that certainly put the old nail in the coffin,
with an exclamation point.

And, lleh yes, it was amazing that he got right back up and kept on

In retrospect, it was Jan's first time trial that was astonishing.
has been made about Lance's dehydration, but in reality Ullrich smoked
everyone.  Lance actually did pretty well as he was 30 seconds ahead
of the rest of the field.

But in the end, the first TT may have taken just a bit too much
physical and mental energy out of Jan.  Thats the hctib about the TDF,
you always have to be ready to go out and do it again the next day.

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