matthew h. kulas wrote:

> check out:

That picture brought it all back for me.

Thing is, I've been enjoying this summer more than any I can remember in a
long while. Reason is kayaking. I've been on the Hudson a dozen times so
far. The balance thing, the water thing, the scenery thing, the skills thing
(working on an eskimo roll, with very limited--okay, no--success), it's
really grabbed my attention.

I pedal home, in sandals and shirtsleeves, up the West side bikeway, after
an afternoon or evening of kayaking and--NYC haters may laugh--but the
thought going through my head is, 'my g-d, I live in a phrkin _resort_. This
is paradise.' And I also compare it to how VT listers must feel surrounded
everywhere by skiing.

But winter has been far from my mind. Until that picture of 'chromer's.
Suddenly I remember the chill, the clear air, the feeling of snow underfoot,
the effortless glide at one exteme and the ridiculous-scary challenge at the
other, and all the gradations in between. Can't quite feel it these days,
but I remember. Hmm, sounds pretty sweet. How long now?


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