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> My guess is that Telekom will decide that a real German leader would
> be best and they hire back Ullrich and surround hime with a super
> supporting team.  That would be scary.

You know, phunny thing, the Bild Zeitung ( just wrote the same thing.
(They're the biggest tabloid in Germany.)

I doubt it, however.  Leaving Telekom was a good thing for Ullrich, and it
sounds like he knows this.  He was babied too much, and with Coast and then
Bianchi, Ullrich was forced not only to take responsibility for himself, but
also the team.  Ullrich needed to start over, and now that he's done that I
don't see him heading back.  That's not to say that Telekom (BTW, they'll now
be known as T-Mobile, the Telekom subsidiary) won't make an offer, but Jan is
very happy with Bianchi.  Yes they do need another sponsor, but with his ride
in the Tour and his upcoming victory in the Vuelta, that will probably be

> But, hey, Lance might spoil the party.  He might do a Lemond.  You
> know,
> get some friends, go hunting, get drunk and get shot in the arse.

Uh, Lemond was shot in the chest - heart et al.  By his brother.  And had he
not been shot he might have won 6 Tours (One of the great What-ifs of Tour
history).  As good as Lance is, Lemond is still the greatest rider that America
has ever produced.  Don't believe me?

He still has the fastest time trial ever.  Even though that was 1989 and
technology has made ridiculous advances (many of which were pioneered by
Lemond).  In 1989 Lemond won the Tour without out a team.  IOW his team was so
bad, they couldn't help him at all.  Lance has always had the best team in the
Tour surrounding him.  In 1986 when Lemond first won, he did so despite the
treachery of his teammate Bernard Hinault.  Lemond's sudden weakening in '91
turns out to have been tied to the shotgun pellets that are still in his heart.

Also, Lemond started out as a skier.
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