hey everyone,
              Since last year for 1/2 of the fall semester I was involved in UVM's investment club, which  is a SGA recoginzed club, I am familiar with the commitment that a club must make: Attendance of their meetings, and lots of paperwork. The pros are that we would get a budget from them, and more, and as any umbrella organization  they would easily serve as an outlet for the CSSA's existence and purpose to be heard. However, this is irrelevant because of the nature of our club. Except for computer science majors, students are likely to be uninterested. Its not as if we are the tv club(no offense if there is a tv club) or something, where potential members could be college-wide. The majority of interest are those students enrolled in a computer science cirriculum, and we may easily reach them in the computer science classes. So I say it would be nice to be an SGA club, but there is no need.

God Bless,
Norma Spence