I recently had a principal ask me the following question:


“We have Everyday Math in grades K-6 and Connected Math in grades 7 and 8.

Should we drop the 6th grade of EM in favor of starting the Connecting Math earlier?”


If you have faced and thought about this kind of question - whether to drop the last year of the elementary program (at grade 6) in order to get the full three years of the middle school program - what would your advice be?  What has your school done?  How would you evaluate the success so far?


Post your response to the middle school Net (by hitting reply) so we can all gain from each others thoughts and experiences.


This is one of the most important purposes of this Net.  For educators involved in building improved student performance, to share questions, thoughts and experiences.  We are faced with so much change, and so much challenge.  There’s no reason we should be forced to ‘reinvent’ each new piece alone.







Jim Abrams

MathNet moderator

Vermont Institutes