Hey Art,

I'm here too.  As they say, I'm feelin' ya.  I'm trying to dig up
something i wrote to IGC some years ago on the topic.  Have no fear
brotha, you got back up.


>Oh Lord Jesus, I thought I had escaped. Dangit! Here we go
>again. Another gaggle of babbling white folks trying to
>define and explain racism. Sam, are you there? I think I'm
>about to faint.
>For the record, most radicals, who happen to self-define as
>Black, make a distinction between two key terms: Racism and
>White Supremacy. Racism is an extremely neutered and
>compromised word that often leads to the type of confusion
>and inanity displayed in this thread so far. In order to
>remove the mad cow and it's effects, when speaking of
>*systems* of oppression and domination, the phrase White
>Supremacy is preferred over Racism. Just as Sexism is a
>subset of Patriarchy, and just as Classism is a subset of
>Capitalism, so too is Racism merely a subset of a worldwide
>system of White Supremacy, that people of color are both the
>victims of and complicit in maintaining. Yes, Black people
>can be racists. Yes, Black people can be complicit in
>supporting White Supremacy. However, the place where White
>Supremacy emanates from and who benefits from it is
>distinctly outside the objective experience of Black people
>and the Africans from which they were created. As radicals,
>our primary task is to analyze structural formations and not
>merely individual behavior, so a focus on White Supremacy
>and how to dismantle it seems to be the most important task.

Jose Morales Ph.D.