Doug Brugge wrote:
> This brings me to my main point.  The Bush administration has been
> playing the media, at least the US media, for a fool.

Yes -- with the qualification that the media seemed determined in
advance to be fooled. All the Administration had to do was give them
pegs to hang their predetermined positions on.

Speaking of the media as being fooled is similar as speaking of the
Democrats as being spineless. In both instances, such charges presuppose
good intentions on the part of media or DP. I would rather see the DP as
a courageous and principled organization dedicated to the principle that
there shall be no mass movements of the people, and willing to be
defeated in election after election rather than fail in that task.

The Media are probably a fairly good representation of the ruling class.
Hence the main question that the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq
present, it seems to me, is _why_ is the ruling class going along with
what seems on the surface to be an utterly mad and self-destructive
foreign policy.

Carrol Cox