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People's Tribune Radio

People's Tribune Radio is a monthly half hour news magazine that brings the
voices of the people to the airwaves.  Tune in to hear some of the most
provocative stories, speakers, interviews, commentaries and ideas available on Radio
and the internet (via Real Audio/MP3). Please download our programs from the
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August's program is Benton Harbor: Rebellion Against Injustice.

Police brutality, poverty and joblessness enraged the people of Benton
Harbor. Rev. Edward Pinckney and Shelethia Burns take listeners from the
>scene of Terrance Shurn's death in a police chase to the injustices of the
Berrien County Courthouse. (26:37) Real Audio/ MP3. You can hear People's
Tribune Radio previous programs in our archives at

Also this month we made the third of a six program series entitled "Dreaming
Revolution" On this edition of DR we get several views of the economy both in
United States and around the World. This program features: Rep. Dennis
Kucinich, Dr. Kevin Danaher, Cheryl Davis, Brooke
Heagerty and more. We also go along on a "Poor People's Economic Human
Right's Bus Tour and look at what can be done to improve the situation for
all people. This  series is produced by the
League of Revolutionaries for a New America with funding from the Paul
Robeson Fund for Independent Media/Funding

The first DR program brought together the energy and forces of the Hip Hop
culture and revolutionary politics. In it Luis Rodriguez, author of the
award-winning book, "Always Running: La Vida Loca, Gang Days in L.A." summarized the
purpose of DR:

"We need more people to take a stand. But we also need something else.
Another level of participation that is not often given space, but what will insure
we go beyond reactive and defensive positions. What we need is what some of us
are calling a poetics of peace, a poetics of healing, a poetics of caring.
What we need is a language of compassion, thread, soul, need, heart - an
impractical but reasonable demand for peace and justice in these violent and
frightening times. What we need is art, creativity, song, story, organization and
compelling words to spark the fires of imagination and of meaningful and conscious
struggle as seeds of an equitable and abundant world for all who carry blood
in their veins and dreams in their heads."