12 participants from Rutland County Audubon and
Otter Creek Audubon spent the morning tallying 51
species at Basin Harbor this morning.

Warblers included yellow, black-and-white,
black-throated-green, common yellowthroat. Four
species of swallows - tree, barn, bank and
northern rough-winged - were noted.

With a bit of difficulty, an empidonax was
concluded to be a yellow-bellied flycatcher.

Of most interest was a mixed flock foraging in
the trees. It included red-eyed vireo, great
creasted vireo, tufted titmouse, black-capped
chickadee, red-breasted and white-breasted
nuthatch, black-throated green warbler and a not
so scarlet scarlet tanager. Also in this group
was a flycatcher later determined to be a
juvenile eastern wood-pewee.

Sue Elliott

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