Hi Jean,

Wow - osprey - I don't think we knew about those! Can you be more precise
about where they were in relation to the pond? And the pied-billed grebes:
were the young able to fly? In other words, can we be sure they were born
in that area, or could they have possibly come from somewhere else?

Thanks Jean, these are rare species and we'd like to include your
observations in our records! I'm glad folks like you are out there to
document them!


At 01:33 PM 7/26/2003 +0000, you wrote:
>7/25 West Mountain Pond area, 2 adult and 2 juvenile osprey flying in and
>out of the nest all afternoon - real exciting to see them fledge!
>On the pond, one loon, and a family of 1 adult and 3 young pied-billed
>grebes. Don't know who was more surprised when they literally shot out of
>the water, one after the other, right next to the canoe. Later saw one
>adult just sink out of sight.
>An impressive flock of 33 turkeys, of which 5 were adults, across from the
>Island Pond airport.
>Job's Pond, 3 loons
>Bill & Jeanne Prue